Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Happy Betwixtmas....

Having finally emerged (I'm not sure whether quite triumphant or not), from the cake mixture, oh and the snow of the last few weeks, I realise I am guilty as charged of abandoning my online duties. Facebook, Twitter, my blog.......sadly they all fell by the wayside, having to play second fiddle to my Christmas Cupcake baking / selling and my other supposedly, but not-so-part-time job!

So after all the madness and mayhem of the Festive season (I only managed to post 2 Christmas cards, tho' I did trot round with a card and cupcake offering to my nearby neighbours), I always find this time in between Boxing Day and New Year's Eve, a bit strange. It's like a much longed for calm following the frenetic food and present shopping, tree decorating and partying, then just as you're getting into that relaxed groove, you're supposed to rev yourself up again, ready to welcome in the New Year. Frankly, I could quite happily retire to bed before the stroke of midnight and sleep blissfully through into the New Year's morning. Clearly my days of revving myself up, getting into the party mood, slipping into a party frock and consuming copious glasses of celebratory champagne have passed - I simply can't be doing with hangovers anymore!

So rather than wish everyone a Happy New Year (which of course it goes without saying, I do), I'm going to wish you a HAPPY BETWIXTMAS instead and pledge to try to be a much more conscientious blogger in 2011.


1 comment:

  1. Like that!
    HAPPY BETWIXTMAS to you too....
    Hope you have a relaxing time Fiona after all the snowy trauma of pre Christmas business.
    See you in the New Year,
    Julie x